mornings 10.5 & 10.6.2015

A foggy, misty day to drive back across Nebraska. You could only see the lower half of the bluffs, the rest was smothered by clouds! I hugged my brother and sister-in-law (and their dogs!) goodbye, made some tea, and got an early start. I was very bored by about an hour in, not good! But an audio book and a stop at my trusty North Platte Starbucks made it go fairly quickly.
And today, transferring my (many!) highlights from e-book to my paper copy of Deidra’s book Every Little Thing. Which releases today! Go here and here to enter giveaways to win your own copy!

one month of mornings

Welcome back, October! Once again I am doing the 31 Days challenge. Here is where you can view what I’ve done in the past.
I want to keep it simple and so this year, I’m celebrating mornings with a photo a day and maybe a few words! I’m not exactly a morning person but I do like mornings, once I’m awake. And I like to do something that tells the story of my month, and helps me discover how this October will be unique from any other.

Several years ago I read the book A Year of Mornings, a photography book where two women across the country from each other each took a picture every morning and posted them side-by-side on a blog (later published as a book). It fascinated me how the pictures had unplanned things in common, and told the story of mornings throughout the seasons of a year.

Another inspiration is Winter Morning Walks, a collection of poetry by Ted Kooser. He wrote these as postcard poems to a writer friend, during a time he was recovering from cancer and took walks in the early morning. I don’t read poetry much usually but I’ve read this book several times, it is very accessible! I like the daily-ness of the short poems and they remind me of many walks on my county road growing up.


This morning’s photo is a blurry one of me swordfighting a toddler. I’m visiting my best childhood friend this week and getting in lots of play time with her boys! They start the day alert and awake and ready to wreak havoc.

What I learned in September

(And August too, just to be honest.)
The best landscaping company name is already taken: “Scottlyn Yards.” I can’t tell but I assume the owners are a couple named Scott and Lynn and they go around mowing yards and such. Occasionally they will unearth a crime and solve it together, and then go home and play their violins. I really hope that’s true.
Another small business one: There is a local company that bakes cakes and delivers them in a blinged-out hearse. I drove by it one day. The cakes are “to die for.” Oh my.
The initials “L. L.” in “L. L. Bean” stand for.. “Leon Leonwood.” This discovery happened to catch me in a funny mood, I kept laughing about it all day.
There are mini triscuits. For me this is a game-changer as far as liking triscuits is concerned.
On a more serious note: Be more excited to see people. Last month one of the pastors of my church and his wife were killed in a tragic car accident, and as I keep thinking about their lives and their example, that is one little thing that stands out. They always went overboard with showing people that they cared SO much.
Lastly, in the “extra features” on DVD’s, there should be a special recorded get-well message from the cast. Because the time we watch the special features is when we are sick and too tired to get up and change the DVD. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way I would appreciate a nice “get well soon!” video.
Linking up with Emily & a lot of other fun people to share things we’ve learned recently- silly things, big things, whatever. It is pretty fascinating to read what others are discovering in an “everyday” kind of way.

monday gifts

The past few days I’ve been sick with a summer cold. It’s been frustrating to miss the grand opening of my church (at our building, we’ve been a mobile church until recently) and just life in general. But it’s ok, I probably need the reminder that I don’t keep everything spinning. I can step back and rest. The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need.
Even with a fuzzy brain, I notice things differently from a place of rest. Everyday, beautiful things that I didn’t earn or deserve: they are grace. I’m thankful for…
a day of cupcake baking with Val.
sandwiches labeled “Fralerie” and “Dawnabeth.”
crazy puppies to play with.
a sunrise before seeing Anna off at the airport.
prayer, together.
“get well” and “I love you” video messages from a toddler.
BLT’s & Goodwill shopping- making fun memories with my clients.
old pictures of me and my brothers that make me laugh hysterically.
the way those little plants grew up over the summer.
the colors of this time of year.

summer discovery

One day, Val and I were staining some dining room chairs. We needed more of this special stain. We listened to our wise friend Kaley and journeyed to a little store in Springfield, Nebraska, called the Robin’s Nest, to find this stain. What we found? Was so much more.
Our first clue was the fairy garden just inside the door. A fairy garden. In an old clawfoot bathtub. This can’t be real.
There were wonderful things, arrayed with great prettiness. We were overcome.
We looked at it all. We bought the stain. We were ready to leave.
Then the lady said, “Have you looked in the back?” To which we said, “Whaaa?” We walked through the door, and straight into the ultimate mythical grandmother’s attic. Only better than that, and huge.
The freaking out began, we had no words. Just squeaking and pointing and crocodile tears. Hold me.
Stacks of old maps. (!!!) Stacks of bedposts. Layers of antique bird cages (kinda gross, to be honest). Chairs. Tables. Lamps. Window frames. Doors. Ladders. Trunks.
A treasure trove, all helter-skelter and dusty amazing.
So of course we came back the next week with our Hanner.
This is the best Christmas ever! The end.

Dear August

Dear August,
I love you. Please don’t go.
You are the unhurried end of summer, when it all starts to unravel.
Some folks rush to start a sparkling, perfect autumn. But I’m not ready. I still need to walk out the back door without shoes on. I need to eat garden tomatoes. I need to see the wheat stubble turn that awesome bronze color. I need to celebrate birthday week for at least ten more days.
I am messy and imperfect, and so are you, August. I love that.
You remind me that it really doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.
August, I’ll miss you.