mornings in Italy


Peach granita and brioche. I’m getting emotional right now thinking of that delicious breakfast! Not pictured: espresso.

Plants and food.. what more do you really need??


early morning at the pond

[One night in July:]
Jacob: “Let’s get up really early and go fishing.”

Frances: “Ughh… okay.”

2013-08-02_06-01-00_898[Early the next morning:]
Frances: “If we’re gonna do this, let’s go..”
Jacob: “Ughhh…” [takes 100 minutes to put on his shoes.] 

2013-08-02_05-59-37_682[Frances gets soaked to the knee running around taking pictures.]
2013-08-02_06-33-06_631[Jacob ridicules her for wasting precious fishing minutes.]

2013-08-02_06-27-28_577[They both think about climbing this tree, but, there is the bass pond just waiting for them.] 2013-08-02_06-35-43_7222013-08-02_06-33-27_842