Comfortable, quirky, creative, funny. Charming with an edge. That’s Frances! We are a lot alike, me and my namesake, the funny little badger in Russell Hoban’s children’s books.

This is my blog. I love to share my photos. I write about laughter, travels, caregiving, faith, the hard days, what I ate, what I read, what I created, and what I’m thankful for. (My friends and family occasionally make an appearance, bless their hearts.) 

To get you started, here are a few of my favorite posts:

canyon at night
The summer we moved everything with the golf cart
Chimney Challenge 2013
it’s the same all over the world
take lots of pictures


“To be a friend, a man should strive to lift others up… to encourage…
and to set an example that will be an inspiration to others.” -W. Peterson

That’s my vision for this space! Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Frances!

    Loved your recent post on memorizing Romans 8! My husband and I are memorizing Romans 8 right now, too, along with Romans 1 and 12 as part of Ann Voskamp’s The Romans Project this year. Thought you may also be interested in another tool to help you absorb Romans 8 in your memory–ScriptureTyper.com. My husband developed Scripture Typer a few years ago for our family, and it has become one of the very top Google results for Bible memory. The site is free. It enables you to memorize by typing your verses. You can create your own verse library, and Scripture Typer will remind you to review your verses on a set schedule, which is super helpful for long-term retention. It’s also fun to watch your Verse Library grow! The iPhone/iPad app (Android app under development and coming soon!) also has additional features, including flash cards, drawing your verses out, and audio playback so you can record your verses and listen back to them. Anyway, just wanted to pass this along. Hope it helps you, as that is our desire–to make it easier for God’s kids to memorize His Word!



    • Thanks, McKenzie! That is really cool, I’ve heard about it but kinda forgot! I’ll definitely have to try that out! Thanks so much for coming by & for the encouragement!

  2. Just tried out ScriptureTyper and found it to be just thing I have been looking for to use for Scripture memory! Many Thanks!

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