a quick jaunt west


Afternoon mom-life lattes made by Cherry / hours of imaginative playtime / wikihow “how to draw” sessions / baby holding / seeing how dry it is & one of the areas that burned / sibling time / fishing mishaps / movie night / so much driving / SO MUCH / worth it. 20170325_15302017426194_10212674859205863_8888823161795748064_n20170325_203720


early morning at the pond

[One night in July:]
Jacob: “Let’s get up really early and go fishing.”

Frances: “Ughh… okay.”

2013-08-02_06-01-00_898[Early the next morning:]
Frances: “If we’re gonna do this, let’s go..”
Jacob: “Ughhh…” [takes 100 minutes to put on his shoes.] 

2013-08-02_05-59-37_682[Frances gets soaked to the knee running around taking pictures.]
2013-08-02_06-33-06_631[Jacob ridicules her for wasting precious fishing minutes.]

2013-08-02_06-27-28_577[They both think about climbing this tree, but, there is the bass pond just waiting for them.] 2013-08-02_06-35-43_7222013-08-02_06-33-27_842

canyon at night


Eli builds a fire.

The air smells like smoke and cedar.
2013-06-28_20-39-22_643 2013-06-28_20-41-24_583b2013-06-28_20-41-34_662013-06-28_20-41-04_2932013-06-28_20-42-29_189

The four of us sit around the fire as it burns down. Of course there is just something about sitting around a fire that brings out conversation. As we talk, and talk some more, our deepest hurts don’t sting quite so much. I pass out twizzlers.

Lightening flashes, lighting up huge clouds, miles away. You can almost feel grace in the air, as if there are five of us together at the fire. 2013-06-28_21-30-39_296canyonme
Using more of Eli’s gear we hike back to the car in the dark. The places that would be hard to climb alone are easy as pie with brothers. I stand on hands and reach to be hauled up by strong arms. 2013-06-28_23-07-39_293 2013-06-28_23-16-50_644

We help each other out.

(Part one: Into the Canyon. Part two: Siblings in the Canyon)

into the canyon

2013-06-28_19-08-02_869We drive to the canyon once the heat of the day is past.  2013-06-28_19-15-17_228
Front seat.2013-06-28_19-15-53_313 - Copy (2)
Back seat. 2013-06-28_19-26-39_3 - Copy (2)
Jacob is a fan of knives and smirks. 2013-06-28_19-26-49_703
Eli brought the most gear, shocking no one. 2013-06-28_19-27-35_296 - Copy (2)
And Franky is happy that for once, it isn’t terribly windy. 2013-06-28_19-43-08_549
We hike in. 2013-06-28_19-45-21_8392013-06-28_19-47-48_83
2013-06-28_19-50-07_578 2013-06-28_19-50-16_125 2013-06-28_19-47-34_659 - Copy (2)b