monday gifts


Thankful for… 

getting to be around wheat harvest again.

safe travels. And a few misadventures that ultimately turned out fine.


getting to play with some of my favorite little guys! I don’t get to see them nearly enough!

the way Cherry and I can talk about a shared memory, that when I think about it, happened 20 years ago.

sharing meals with favorite people.


accidental matching in church, patriotic edition. This happens to me way too much.

heroes and lifesavers. Such as the entire Hanson family, my dad, Miss Tina and Amanda (and Grace and little Finn too, why not… I went to their house the morning my car broke down. Finn gave me hugs and attempted to kiss me on the mouth, but just laughed at my face instead? It did cheer me up though.)


a great afternoon tubing with Eli! We had so much fun, it was so relaxing! …. Followed by a not entirely great evening/night that wasn’t so much fun, or relaxing, involving some unwise detours, losing the car keys in the river, Dad not answering his phone, clinging to the highway for warmth as we waited in the dark, things like that.


great weeks at camp.

John 15:16, how it says, “You didn’t choose Me. I chose you.”

enough sunsets, stars, storms, barns, mulberries, dirt roads, dust, mud and slushies to last me for a while!


One weekend recently I took several shadow pictures that make me smile. This first one is of us bocce ball champions at the picnic for our church’s coffee & book table teams. (Which I like to call the “coffee table picnic,” so far the name has not caught on but I’m sure it will.)
Funny bocce ball story: Valerie was being all competitive and difficult and kept throwing the ball we were aiming at into bushes and flowers. This time, she threw it directly over a 12 foot evergreen tree. I was like, “Well, I can totally do this!” but I don’t think I had decided whether to roll it under the tree or throw it over.. so instead… at a moment when everyone there happened to be watching.. I threw my ball really hard directly into the center of the tree. And we all collapsed about the place laughing.
Cousins leaving Josh’s soccer game. I can remember when his team was tiny and we cheered if they kicked the ball in the right direction. Now they are teenagers and competitive and stuff.

at camp on flag day

2014-06-14_17-39-40_298The oldest parts of camp are my favorite.

Someone took down the small mirror held up with leather straps, on the wall of the prayer room, where the office/staff room used to be. It is fine, nobody needs a mirror there anymore, but I miss it. Us office girls literally slept in a bunk bed in that tiny room, covered it with a sheet in the day, and worked from the desk right next to it. BK built us a shelf to hold our stuff and decorated the with picket fence leftovers, and hung the little mirror.

Now we have a large, air conditioned office and and actual staff housing. It’s much nicer and more functional. But I’m glad I was there for the humble beginning.
Since the start, this holds true: the kitchen light is the last one on, and inside there are popsicles, stories to swap and people to laugh with.

monday gifts


Thankful for… 

time spent at my favorite spot on my favorite county road.

safe drives to & from camp.

watching 3rd & 4th graders listen intently to Dad’s Bible stories.

perfecting my slushie-making technique!


Bible memory + amazing breakfast + even more amazing friends. I have it so good.


another great wedding!

seeing old friends & 628 roommates! (Sorry Val, we didn’t think about taking a picture till after you had already left!)

a 2 bandaid, 1 ice pack kind of day.


how hard it has been to stay humble recently. :)


setting attractive photos as the background on Val’s phone. (Apology #2 to Valerie should go here but, I’m not sorry.) 


celebrating Kalyn and Duke’s birthday with grilling, retelling favorite old camp stories, and laughing too much.

happy basil.



Throwback Thursday Stories: Father’s Day

wheelbarrows full

Mulch delivery with Dad. I don’t remember when this picture was taken, I was so little. My earliest wheelbarrow memory is of the handmade red wooden one I got later on. Dad had a gigantic garden and we spent a lot of time out there!


We work well together and always have, whether it be sending out his newsletters, work projects at camp, cooking a roast, using wire to re-attach pieces of my car, writing therapeutic poems about miller moths, or tackling technology issues. He’s a fun, humble, crazy, wise sort of dad and I’m so thankful for him!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thanks for always letting me tag along!

monday gifts


Thankful for… 

work & rest.

matching Bibles at memory group.. apparently Val and I both use old hair ties to hold ours together! Hey it works. Great minds think alike?


a really wonderful wedding day for Anna & Derek!


how well our group of friends works together. I am always impressed.

time spent with the moms, bridesmaids & a few close friends, praying for Anna right before she walked down the aisle. It was just powerful and amazing.. and emotional, it nearly undid all the work we put into makeup that morning.

Val being a genius in the kitchen! I’m proud of her! She made a wedding cake, hundreds of mini fruit pizzas, marshmallows, and brownie bites with mousse.


a walk with cousins, neighbor kids & a giant rose. Yes that’s what we did.

finding a note on my phone reading “steampunk hedgecogs for fairy gardens” just because I wanted to remember a random conversation between very exhausted friends.

Kathy washing the shameful amount of leftover pasta salad containers that I had been just ignoring in the fridge cause I had no time.





fancy shoes.