Throwback Thursday Stories

I like pictures, and I like stories! That’s why I’m linking up with Jessica today for “tbt stories” where we share an old photo & a few words about what’s going on in the picture. That is, if there are even words to describe it:


This is me and my brothers. It was a summer night several years ago and we did one of our favorite things, which is make a fire and have smores & rootbeer. That’s a great thing about living in the country, you get very bored and have to figure out ways to make your own fun!

After a while I put on Eli’s hat and we started taking goofy, attractive pictures of ourselves. This was also a night that we burned certain other things for fun, but I can’t go into too much detail because my father reads this blog and he is the owner of a vehicle that may or may not have been too close to the action.

Throwback Thursday Stories

monday gifts


Thankful for… 

the best kind of Sunday afternoon.

celebratory Dr. Pepper after doing my first photo shoots. I took graduation pictures for my cousins. Not something I know how to do! I was absolutely nervous. But it was really fun!


two very foundational things I always go back to: being thankful & memorizing verses.


clean laundry.

how my outfit ended up making me look like an archaeologist on a kid’s movie yesterday. Hahaha. It didn’t bother me.

ice cream.

giving gifts.

the hard parts of caregiving: seeing someone suffering and not being able to entirely fix it, and adjusting to change.


Let love be genuine.
Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.”
-Romans 12:9 ESV

in the studio


I didn’t buy groceries, even though I really needed to, but I did make a lot of stuff this week! Finally it’s nice enough to open up the windows and paint things. I even like pastel colors right now!

I found two canvases at goodwill and painted over them. We are working on Romans 12 right now in my Bible memory group, which is where the verse comes from. For the other one I cut a potato into a triangle and used it as a stamp. You may notice I’m not a fan of straight lines. :) And if it blotches, it blotches, it’s fine.




I’m also working on these little wooden tags, as favors for the (in)RL event I’m co-hosting with Erin. “We need your story” is the theme this year and I think it’s going to be really good! We’ve been having fun planning for our meetup.


This week I took senior pictures for my cousin, which is the first time I’ve ever done anything like that! It’s a lot more nerve-wracking than taking a photo of a pretty flower in my yard! But also, more exciting. And I finished putting together the invitations for two bridal showers and sent those out.

Now that I think about it, not only did I eat mostly cereal this week, I didn’t sleep as much as I should have, either!

Thanks for letting me share what I’ve been up to creatively! Linking up with Jen for In the Studio:

monday gifts


Thankful for… 

buttons to sew.

paper to fold.

canvases to paint.


watching The Little Mermaid while playing musical instruments with 3 small boys. It’s not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning!

disappointments & the opportunity to deal with them and move on! I tried for a few things recently and did not get them. (Cue Frank Sinatra and Valerie singing, “That’s life - that’s liiiife.”)

how sluggishly our review day for memory group went. I did not realize “review” meant all the verses, not just the most recent section, and, wow.

things that make me laugh. There are many! This show has me laughing, and also crying, not like a baby though.



music to listen to.

funny cards to send my brother for his birthday.



monday gifts


Thankful for… 

the cuteness of things to come.

when I think of a wise, sensible response to a situation, several months late.

great memories of work days at camp, back when it strongly resembled an abandoned junky farm. Dad and I spent many hours sanding, refinishing & painting together. Helping my friends paint at their new house reminded me of that.

God’s strength when I am weak.

being wiser about dealing with stress than I was when I first became a caregiver.

good hair days.

my friend Skip, he is the best. We had fun celebrating his birthday this past weekend!


Hanna’s woodland baby shower

When we learned that our friend/old roommate (we really need a better term for that) Hanna was expecting, Val and I made a pact that we would throw her the “cutest baby shower ever.” I think we came close!
Anna made that little Hobbes. So perfect!
Val of course is a genius in the kitchen. We had two kinds of cupcakes, coconut marshmallows, a cheese ball that looked like a pinecone people!!, pistachio pudding, “toadstools” that were really cherry tomatoes with string cheese, etc. etc. etc.

The marshmallow topping was very melty. We were saved by Anna walking in early and being the sort of person one can just shove tomatoes & string cheese at and say “TOADSTOOLS” and she will run with it. The kitchen was a crazy mess. And I really disliked how my pinecone garland turned out. But whatever.. it was worth it!pinecone1
We waffled back and forth on the idea of getting onesies and decorating them. I’m so glad we went with it! Not everyone could stay, but those who did had a relaxed, crafty time. And the results were amazing if you ask me!




We take our craft times very seriously.


We went around the room and each shared a quality or characteristic about Hanna that will make her a great mom- this was a special time of encouragement!

For another game, I enhanced the forest-ness and difficulty level of my “come up with what the baby version of this animal is called” game, perhaps making it TOO difficult. Oh well. Wikipedia has a list of animals + baby terms if you ever want to educate yourself or make a similar game.
It was a lovely afternoon, that turned into a few friends staying to help clean up (and to eat the remaining pistachio pudding), that turned into a let’s hang out tonight TOO because when you have good friends, Saturdays are never long enough.

monday gifts

Thankful for…

my cousins. They are hilarious. I love their faces.

seeing the cranes along the Platte river. It’s one of those “Nebraska” things that I had never done, and it was really cool!

the way the pastors at my church speak from the heart.

watching Jeremy Wade bring in a huge arapaima from the comfort of my own home, with Val and Skip and tea and cookies and banana bread.

origami to fold, envelopes to address, plans to make, Pinterest to browse (obviously).

more daffodils.

monday gifts


Thankful for… 

rag rugs from Jamaica.


daffodils that won’t be forced to open fast even though I sure tried.

party hats.

small children with glasses.

small children with glasses and party hats.


an evening gossiping and chilling and playing with jungle animal toys with this adorable girlie.

paint on my hands.

memorized verses.

finishing books.

food + friends.

a fun quick road trip to visit family.


3.25.13: day in the life of a caregiver


I decided to keep track of one day last year, just for fun. Then I forgot about it until now. It was mostly for me to look back on later, but maybe you’ll enjoy a peak into my life as a caregiver! I go to Walgreens twice, I eat a strange assortment of food, and not much goes as planned. I feel heroic in small things and overwhelmed in others which is typical.

7:45 get up. Yes I slept in. It was a busy weekend and Sunday night was the last night my cousin and her fam were in town so I was up late.

8:15 realize I haven’t really done… anything.

8:20 barely get ready for the day, in favor of eating half a piece of leftover french toast and having some orange juice. I don’t need to look good because I just clean this morning, and I’ll have time later to change, put gas in my car, and eat lunch. Or so I thought… 

8:35 sweep the snow off my car with a broom. Is that strange? I always do that.

8:40 drive. On the radio: Otis 12′s voice, which makes the day a good day, Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor, and Writer’s Almanac where I learn about how Flannery O’Connor trained a chicken to walk backwards when she was little. Knowledge that will come in handy later today! Just kidding.


9:00 arrive, clean, make the beds, do laundry… doing laundry for my elderly folks is one of my favorite things. It’s precious.

11:00 realize that I’ll be staying later than scheduled due to circumstances making it better and necessary if I stay.

12:15 get talked into eating a drumstick from a rotisserie chicken, some oddly flavored store brand triscuits, and two gingersnaps from the dollar store.

1:20 leave. Go home real quick. Change shoes. Leave again.

[no time to get gas. not good.]


2:00 next shift. This was one of those ones where the needs and plans conflicted with the reality that this shift was only three hours long. So I ran around like a crazy person, to Walgreens and Bag N Save and the ear specialist. In Walgreens I zip right to the location of the Centrum Silver, the Glucosamine, the Depends, the Loreal lipstick #752 (which someone wrote on the list as 725, probably the kinda dyslexic one, me). This is not my first rodeo!

5:25 actually find my way out of the large independent living place and leave. Go immediately to the gas station. Yay! Also my phone is dying. And I realize I have this headache and the energy of a limp noodle and so I go home.

5:45 eat a really strange meal of orange foods- leftover sweet potato soup from my aunt, more orange juice, peach yogurt. Give my roommate Kathy some fashion advice that she really shouldn’t have needed to hear from me: “No, you shouldn’t wear black socks with brown shoes.”

6:15 put my winter coat back on and head back out. This makes Walgreens stop #2 of my day. I pick up a prescription and drive and drive and take it to my poor sick elderly couple from this morning. Why do I do this? Because I love them, and for me, helping someone is my favorite.


6:45 find myself eating more rotisserie chicken and cookies, because I can’t say no, and sitting and talking about childhood memories, etc. It is fun and comforting. Especially talking about ways we used to get into trouble! We all tell stories we’ve already told before but who cares.

7:20 drive home for the last time. Smile because hearing things like, “As the kids say, ‘hang in there’” and “go straight home” from a cute old man or “you made me feel better” from a cute old woman is so highly rewarding.

7:45 & on: take out trash. PJ’s on. (Not necessarily in that order.) Eat some leftover champ made by my cousin Kristin, and it is delicious. Kathy and I watch some West Wing and talk and wind down. Then I read & go to bed- obviously, all that running around today wore me out!

The End.