Giveaway: Every Little Thing

You may remember me sharing about a lovely book I read recently. You may remember I posed with the yellow book in my yellow room, and felt very happy about it all. You may have even wondered “What is all this fuss about, anyway?” Well today I’m happy to share a giveaway where you can win not only your own copy of the book Every Little Thing by Deidra Riggs, but also a gorgeous Everlasting Light: Shine necklace from Dayspring!
These photos were taken at the camp where I serve every summer. It is a tiny, unassuming place, located near… nothing. It may be small, but it is a refuge to many. Driving by you might peg it as a farm- which was true, once. Barn, quonset hut, granary, farmhouse. It was abandoned by the family after a terrible tragedy many years ago. They left with dinner sitting on the table, uneaten. It easily could have remained just another toppled-over, deserted old farm, covered in layers of dust and junk. Useless. Forgotten.

But God. He does not give up or declare “This is beyond hope. Let’s give up on this one and start with a clean slate somewhere else.” He renews and restores, putting in the hard work with great patience.

In her book, Deidra shares the Bible story of the widow who makes a loaf of bread for Elijah, using the very last of her flour and oil. She writes,

“God hears our desire for purpose; He knows when our dreams have turned to dust and all we know to do is figure out how to eat that last meal before giving it all up for good. ‘Make the bread,’ He says to us when we find ourselves scraping the bottom of the barrel and coming up with nothing. Do the next thing. Do the next, small thing. God is not measuring by the world’s standards. God set the world in motion, and God is making all things new- every little thing.”

Now days the farm is a camp for kids (and adults!) to have fun and grow in their faith. The barn loft is a chapel, a holy space for worship and learning. The granary serves as a bunkhouse. The quonset is a gym, offices, snack shop, game room. The farmhouse is where we gather to eat delicious meals. The sunsets stop you in your tracks, and the stars glow brightly in the night sky.

It’s where I go to be still, and know that He is God. He gives me hope when all I can think is, “Impossible,” He brings light to the darkness, and He is making all things new.
Giveaway is open to US & Canada only, and no P.O. Boxes, please. (And- I would recommend this book for both men and women. The necklace could make a good gift! Just saying, this is a giveaway for everyone! If you want to learn more about the book go to Amazon or read my review.)

To enter- just leave a comment! Tell me about a place where you go to “get away” and be still. Or just say hi!

I will choose a winner at random and close the giveaway on Friday. (And make sure I have a way to get in touch with you! Blog or email.) I’ll announce the winner on Saturday.

24 thoughts on “Giveaway: Every Little Thing

  1. Frances, I needed this reminder that God uses and restores today! My favorite place to get away is the farm which has been in my family for over a century—acres and acres of peace, nature and quiet that are familiar and comforting as well as ever changing.

  2. Wow Frances! Great post. First off, I didn’t know the beginnings of your camp. Makes for a neat story, actually. And thanks for the reminder, God is not measuring by the worlds standards….thank goodness. And I also needed to be reminded that God doesn’t give up on anything. At times when things don’t go the way I planned, it’s probably God’s way of bopping me on the head and telling me to pay more attention to Him! I’m always learning to better follow Him. So thank you Frances for this post and for just being you. You’re amazing.

    • Oh yay! Hi Alyssa!! 🙂 Yes, isn’t a cool story? I can tell you more sometime! And yep.. I need so many reminders of things I already know, it’s crazy.

  3. Love hearing about camp and ask that Good is doing there. I love that our is an unassuming place, not glamorous. God loves the faithful little things.

    On a daily basis my quiet place to be still is the couch during nap time. Other places include a hammock swinging outside or my back deck. Somewhere less frequent but more quiet would be the family farm on the plains of South Dakota.

    • Allo Hanner! Thank you for commenting and for being one of my favorite people ever. And yes, I think camp will always give me an appreciation for the un-glamorous, if that makes sense.

      Yay for nap time!! Maybe I’ll get to see the South Dakota farm someday. That would be cool.

  4. Be still… a reminder I need most days. Thank you for taking me to your little still place; I feel like I’ve been there now – a mini retreat if you will. I have ‘places’ – my desk, my sitting room, my parish chapel, – but in my season it’s really snatches of time and I make do with where I am. Be it the driver’s seat waiting to pick up one of my cherubs, in line at the grocery, or while I’m running next to my best friend. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the stillness in the busyness of life! So, thanks Frances for reminding me. 🙂 PS, I’m in love with your pictures.

    • Haha I know the feeling, Amy!! When you try to use your car key to open the front door of your house.. that may be a sign! That always happens to me.
      Love you!!

    • Hi Sharon! I remember seeing your comment about that in the group! I’m so sorry, that sounds like a frustrating issue! Hope it gets sorted out, soon! That’s sweet of you to come by my blog, thank you! It is an excellent book! 🙂

  5. Frances–I need a getaway! Megan and I just were saying we need another writer’s retreat!! In the mean time, I love being home on my days off.

    • Ohhh I hear you! I need a retreat too! That would be fantastic. My church usually has a women’s retreat this time of year.. however this year it got moved. To February. Not sure I’ll make it until then!
      Yes, home is good! Agree for sure.

  6. Great post Frances! I don’t really have a favorite place to be still and reflect, it’s more like a favorite moment for me-either at the very end of my day before drifting off the sleep or first thing in the morning before rushing to work!

    • Thanks Emily! And I totally understand! I feel so much better all day if I’m not rushing at the very start. And I definitely need to unwind at night!

  7. Frances, your writing is always so beautiful 🙂 My quiet spot lately has been on the couch at 6am after Brad has left for work (although, as we’ve discussed, there are still plenty of mornings I oversleep and then have to rush out the door lol)…Even though my brain might not be fully functioning that early in the morning, I’m learning that something as simple as giving God the first few minutes of my day is pleasing to him and helps me grow.

  8. Yay! How fun 🙂 I always enjoy your photos of camp….takes me back there in a moment. And I agree, the sunsets are breathtaking.
    To rest, I go to our cabin near Rye, Colorado. It’s in the middle of forest with a hiking trail starting just down the dirt road. I run my fingers through Lady horse’s mane and inhale the fresh mountains. It’s a great place to get away if you’re ever up for a drive!

    • Yes.. camp is a place like none other! And your cabin doesn’t sound so bad AT ALL! Incredible, actually. When I’m back in CO my time is usually taken up by family stuff but I will keep that in mind, a visit would be so fun!

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