mornings 10.13-10.16.15

In a Tuesday Morning, on a Tuesday morning. Yes I was pretty proud of myself in that moment.
I’ve been doing these coloring pages a lot lately. It is fun and relaxing! Giving them away to people seems like the right thing to do.
Reading It’s Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman with the incourage book group. It is a book that sneaks up on you a bit. I’ll be reading along, “yeah, yeah.. I get what she’s saying,” and then all at once: “OH. That’s what she’s saying.” And my mind starts turning it over, for days. Quotes get scribbled in my planner. (Was also pondering words on beauty by Kaitlyn Bouchillon and Kim Hyland.) 20151016_085656
One morning when the sun was up before I left my house! It had to be celebrated.


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