Every Little Thing


First off, I need to state the obvious: even if I didn’t know the author, even if I had no interest in the message of this book, I would still want to own it just for the pretty yellow cover.

Ok, moving on. I’m proud to say I do know the author and I am a big fan of the message of her book! Deidra is the brave woman who put on a lovely retreat right here in Nebraska and entrusted much of the decorating to me. I have read her blog and her posts at (in)courage for a long time, so I knew she’d knock it out of the park with her first book!

Simply You (1)

What I didn’t know was that this would not be some sort of abstractly great book, but that it would be pointedly written to Today Me, the me with good intentions, big fears, no new dreams, and a pile of dirty dishes I don’t want to wash.


(Me being an excited dork in my yellow room the day this yellow book FINALLY came in the mail! See, I like yellow.)


Mid-book, I felt like I should look over my shoulder- “is Deidra here?? How does she know?” Because Gideon’s name came up and he was a central character for a while. In the weeks before I picked up Every Little Thing, I had been a bit obsessed with Gideon.

I was in a frustrated-with-myself place and just wanted “a Bible person who was totally unimpressive (and afraid), just like me.” And I turned to Gideon. Sorry Gideon, not meaning to insult you. But I can identify. There have been many moments where I have said: “You are kidding. I am so not the right person for this. I’m just going to stay here in my hiding place, doing the best that I know how.”

Deidra puts Gideon’s encounter like this:

“[W]hen God announced Himself to Gideon, Gideon presented an argument in two parts:
1) God is not with us. God has turned us over to Midian.
2) I am not the person for this job. My clan is the weakest, and I am the runt of the litter.

God showed up with answers Gideon wasn’t ready to believe:
1) I am with you.
2) I am sending you, Gideon. Not Moses or Joshua. You. You are the person for this job.”

She goes on to ask us, you and I: “What if God is saying the same thing to you today? ‘I am with you. You are the person for this job.'”


This book spoke to my inner questions: “Does what I’m doing right now really matter?” It spoke into that fearful place where I wonder: “What if I’m never brave enough?” And it spoke to my heart: “You are loved.”

Expansive Miracle


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