one month of mornings

Welcome back, October! Once again I am doing the 31 Days challenge. Here is where you can view what I’ve done in the past.
I want to keep it simple and so this year, I’m celebrating mornings with a photo a day and maybe a few words! I’m not exactly a morning person but I do like mornings, once I’m awake. And I like to do something that tells the story of my month, and helps me discover how this October will be unique from any other.

Several years ago I read the book A Year of Mornings, a photography book where two women across the country from each other each took a picture every morning and posted them side-by-side on a blog (later published as a book). It fascinated me how the pictures had unplanned things in common, and told the story of mornings throughout the seasons of a year.

Another inspiration is Winter Morning Walks, a collection of poetry by Ted Kooser. He wrote these as postcard poems to a writer friend, during a time he was recovering from cancer and took walks in the early morning. I don’t read poetry much usually but I’ve read this book several times, it is very accessible! I like the daily-ness of the short poems and they remind me of many walks on my county road growing up.


This morning’s photo is a blurry one of me swordfighting a toddler. I’m visiting my best childhood friend this week and getting in lots of play time with her boys! They start the day alert and awake and ready to wreak havoc.


2 thoughts on “one month of mornings

  1. Hello back neighbour! Loved that you connected with me and love what you’re doing this month. I love mornings…and simplicity so I’ll be following you for sure. Blessings.

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