summer discovery

One day, Val and I were staining some dining room chairs. We needed more of this special stain. We listened to our wise friend Kaley and journeyed to a little store in Springfield, Nebraska, called the Robin’s Nest, to find this stain. What we found? Was so much more.
Our first clue was the fairy garden just inside the door. A fairy garden. In an old clawfoot bathtub. This can’t be real.
There were wonderful things, arrayed with great prettiness. We were overcome.
We looked at it all. We bought the stain. We were ready to leave.
Then the lady said, “Have you looked in the back?” To which we said, “Whaaa?” We walked through the door, and straight into the ultimate mythical grandmother’s attic. Only better than that, and huge.
The freaking out began, we had no words. Just squeaking and pointing and crocodile tears. Hold me.
Stacks of old maps. (!!!) Stacks of bedposts. Layers of antique bird cages (kinda gross, to be honest). Chairs. Tables. Lamps. Window frames. Doors. Ladders. Trunks.
A treasure trove, all helter-skelter and dusty amazing.
So of course we came back the next week with our Hanner.
This is the best Christmas ever! The end.


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