monday gifts


Thankful for… 

friends to pray with and just be with. This has been a tough time for my church family and city, with the loss of Pastor Ty and Terri. (See news story and video here.. goodness, I love my church.)

comfort when we’re mourning.

the inspiration of lives lived without regrets. People who gave and loved wholeheartedly.


how life goes on and we choose to celebrate and have joy! My birthday week friends enrich my life and mean so much to me!

when the room is filled with the sound of half a dozen conversations between friends. That is music to my ears.

gigantic blocks of cheese.



relaxing walks to de-stress from challenging caregiver days.


goofy fun with neighborhood youngins.

the way God is helping me see more clearly so many beautiful gifts in my life. Every day is full of moments and people and good things. Often I miss out, dwell on petty things, or just plain don’t notice. But I’m learning to treasure.





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