Mississippi in July


Last month my dad, brother, sister-in-law and I made our way down south to visit family and friends.


Here are some photos and memories from the week spent in my hometown.


Another year, another shameless and freezing Father wrapped in my aunt’s blanket. They do crank the A/C, understandably so! It was over 100 some days + massive humidity.


Mamaw and I took walks together first thing in the morning.


20150714_083525Fishing at the farm. Again, Dad schooled us. It was painful. 20150714_082459


At the big family get-together. Crystal, Joe, me, & Mamaw.


Cousins playing guitar. Uncle Danny soon joined in.


Exploring downtown Pontotoc with Joe & Crystal. We introduced Crystal to the town museum (including the jackpot: fantastic high school yearbook photos of dad and his siblings!!). We were the only ones there and the ladies who run the place were starved for visitors. So they occupied several hours of our time with a guided tour. When they were pointing out allll the features of the mural (which you can see here!) I kept smiling. Leslie Knope would have loved it so much.


Crystal and Rambo, being calm for 5 seconds. That puppy adored her and was so sad to see her leave.

20150715_220210 20150714_212619

We played loads of games as always. Best times ever! Mamaw got kinda sassy and cutthroat with her great-grandson there when we played Monopoly Deal. Also to be noted: a free-flowing supply of sweet tea.

There were a few sad notes to our trip, one of them being that my uncle is very sick. It is tough to know that people I love so much are suffering.

And so? I tried not to take any of it for granted.

Long talks with Mamaw about anything and everything. Saying “goodnight” to her every night. Listening to all the stories my dad and his brothers and sisters tell, and laughing till it hurts. Making a fancy dinner for the family with Joe. Getting Sonic with Joe and Crystal, with Jacob on speaker phone. (Eli we missed you.) Seeing dear church people. A day out with Crystal for some girl time and shopping. Listening to Brian Regan on the drive. Dad getting a BC Powder accidentally blasted in his face. Laughing at how bedraggled and tired we all looked while eating breakfast on the drive home. Dad calling Siri “Fenecia” as usual. Eating homemade ice cream, sweet tea, chicken, bbq, Mamaw’s fruit cake, veggies. And the list goes on.



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