what I learned in July


A 747 can hold over 45,000 gallons of fuel. Not that it is usually filled to capacity but still. I’m reading a book by a pilot right now and I feel like I have a working knowledge of planes and flight. (This has nothing to do with green tomatoes.. I just put up that picture randomly/because I love my tomatoes.)


It’s important to actually print out your photos and do things with them. Not just leave them on your phone or computer. Stick them where you’ll see them often, because they will warm your heart. I already knew this but I learned it again.


I overuse the words “my friend Val.” She is in most of my stories and I am sure everyone I talk to is sick of hearing about her. But she’s my constant, and I can’t help it. The only point of doing things separately is so we can have something new to talk about the next time we’re together. Her grandmother gives me pickles- I think that sums it all up pretty well.

Linking up with Emily & others to share what we learned this month.


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