what I learned in June

You can grow cacti from seeds! And it is so fun! Val started hers last summer and now she has a little crop of them, about half an inch high with big spikes. (Yes. They are ridiculously cute and we are actually obsessed with them.) She gave me some seeds and I planted them. After 4 weeks of nothing I had pretty much given up when suddenly:


They grown and change every day and you can distinguish different varieties!

Coral is freaky. There are some really crazy time-lapse videos of coral done by the BBC which show different corals attacking one other. By flinging their guts on each other to see who will be the digestor and who will be the digestee. Whoa.

Reading Pioneer Girl didn’t ruin my childhood. (It’s is a previously unpublished manuscript by Laura Ingalls Wilder.) I was so worried. But ultimately it was just interesting and made me respect her more as an author, instead of shattering my childhood impressions with “what really happened.”


Related: vocabulary gets picked up along the way among family (or friends!) and takes on its own meaning, and this is nothing new. I will forever say ridiculous things like “melcome wats” or “I meant what you knew” or “paintbrush!” and certain people will know precisely what I mean. For the Ingalls family it was this phrase: “Potatoes do hold the heat!” which actually meant “someone is being greedy” in a joking way.

“As our potatoes became scarce, he [a guest] would help himself first to them and hurry to eat them so quickly that he always burned himself on them. Then clapping his hand to his mouth he would exclaim ‘Potatoes do hold the heat!’ This happened so often the rest of us made a byword of it.”
-Laura Ingalls Wilder in Pioneer Girl

There is an Arthur wiki page. As in, the PBS children’s show. Has an exhaustive website of information. The reason I know this is a texting conversation between me and Kathryne, beginning something like this: “Cool it, buster” “For some reason buster always makes me think of a rabbit” “wasn’t that the bunny on the cartoon Arthur?” and ending with one of us confessing we once had a small crush on The Brain. We were both a little too old for this cartoon, then and now. This is embarrassing.

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