what I learned in May

(and April. Because life is moving too fast.) 2014-05-12_12-00-40_146

There are worse things to dream about than spackling. After a late night helping Val paint, I had a long dream that I was patching up a wall. Perfection was attained effortlessly and the wall was beautiful. I woke up feeling accomplished and serene.

The little plastic thing at the end of your shoelace is called an aglet. There’s absolutely no way I would have ever known this if I didn’t also know Valerie, the collector of information tidbits and owner of a book about what random things are called. (Now, I can imagine life with no aglets but I can’t imagine life with no Val!)


Life is better when you set a funny lock screen. Just do it people! Make it something silly or nerdy and change it often. It will add 65% more amusement to your day.

Mr. Collins is the worst. This one’s from April when I had the flu, round two (this was a fun winter/spring, thanks for asking) and did marathon viewings of Jane Austen movies. It just struck me how great a casting job they always do for Mr. Collins and how abominable of a character he really is.

Also: really bad idea to watch the 1.5 hour Pride and Prejudice right after viewing the 6-hour BBC version. I was sick, ok, I wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t dislike the shorter version but it feels like it’s moving at action movie pace and people are doing things for no apparent reason at all.

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2 thoughts on “what I learned in May

    • Heheh! That’s perfectly acceptable! That’s what I like about the “what I learned” posts, seeing what we have in common, or what we don’t! It’s just interesting! I actually like both of them too. The newer one is fun and creative. It’s just much more abbreviated than the other one! 🙂

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