mother’s day

Mother’s Day isn’t a day for me. It’s a day for moms. A day to honor my mom and say thank you. I totally get that and I think it’s a good thing! mothersday

On Mother’s Day this year, I found myself making breakfast for 7 guests, 2 of them under the age of three. I’ve known some of that group since I was 8 years old, and they’ve known me and seen me grow up. I read books aloud and searched for the paci and answered to “Aunt Frances.” I really enjoy seeing my friends become these awesome moms.

Later I had a big meal surrounded by family- not “my” family- including 4 of my very best friends. Then, I had another meal with my mom and other family, including my aunt who is one of my go-to people and always has my back. There was laughter and hugs and so much food.

During the day I received an email from my dad, saying he had visited one of the older ladies from church, she used to be my AWANA leader. He wanted to pass on that she asked about me, and that she prays for me every day. I know she isn’t the only one. There are my grandmothers and aunts and dear church ladies and the moms of my friends and teachers and coaches and family friends, who pray for me and continue to influence me. There are the authors who have taught me about grace, living life, leaving a legacy.




I’m thankful.

Yesterday I was reminded that I have been mothered by many wonderful women; only some of them are related to me. And, that children come into my life in many different ways, all the time, needing love. I want to have my heart open and just be available. jamaiica



2 thoughts on “mother’s day

  1. Frances,
    What lovely photos…I’m smiling here and giving thanks for the many women who have mothered you well and for how you are passing the love to others…Glad we met at Jumping Tandem Retreat and for making the atmosphere so beautiful and inviting by sharing your gifts with us…Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you, you are too sweet! I am glad we were in the same place and could meet– sad that we didn’t get the chance to connect more! You might just have to come back to Nebraska again sometime!! 🙂

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