in the studio

Here’s where I share what I’ve been up to creatively. Which this week can be summed up as: Nothing!

Because last week was a lot of this
and this
and for weeks I’ve been doing things like this
I’ve let a lot slide in the past few weeks, for instance, laundry. I haven’t put anything away. There are piles of paper, paint brushes, stamp pads, everywhere. And I’m letting it all wait a little longer in favor of going to bed early, finishing my book, or putting my feet up. Giving myself some grace! There has been hard work. (I love it!) Now there needs to be rest. (Learning to love it!)

Whatever I did, it was all absolutely worth it. Still in wonderment over the lovely, encouraging, holy time that was the Jumping Tandem Retreat. I think Deidra was way too trusting with me, but I’m so happy she allowed me to be a part! If you want to read her blog post about the retreat you can find it here. I love this:

“You might not think the gifts you have add up to very much, but don’t be fooled. Do not be fooled. Your gift, combined with all the other gifts, make for some fabulous astoundingness. Seriously. Trust that the Giver of the gift will not let you fall on your face or be embarrassed or fall short of your own expectations. We need you to do your thing. We do.” –Deidra Riggs 


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