4.27.15: day in the life of a caregiver


Today felt very “caregiver-ish” from morning till night, so I picked it for another one of my “day in the life” posts. (2014, 2013.) Mostly I enjoy looking back at these later to see how things change from year to year, but maybe you’ll enjoy seeing what one of my little, ordinary days is like!


I woke up, ate some cereal, and looked up information on my morning client. I took a fill in shift today. It is really handy, we have a system now where I can look up my schedule online. I also get text messages reminding me of my shifts for each day. Modern caregiving! It has saved me more than a few times!

It was a delightful shift. I scrambled an egg, made some toast, and did a few things around the house. Mostly we chatted and found that we knew some of the same people. This woman was elegant and sweet, with a large family of kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. We went to the store where I picked up minestrone soup and chocolate chip cookies for her. She told me, “you are so pretty.” We watched The Price is Right and talked through every commercial break. Not a bad Monday morning at all!

Certain characteristics of this particular lady really reminded me of one of my first and longest clients, Miss Trish, who was so special to me. It was just a little uncanny and kept coming back into my mind all day. I miss her! I have met the most remarkable, stylish, charming and intelligent women because of my job, it is wonderful to hear their stories.


I went out to lunch with the staff of my other job. Then I went back to the home of my morning client, for I discovered her change and receipt still in my purse. It is way too easy to do that especially if you aren’t in your normal routine. Sigh!! Oh well. It was such a beautiful day today, how could I complain about anything?

I worked on campus all afternoon. During that time I got a few calls from my caregiving office asking me about various things. I took another shift for later this week.

When I got home I ate more cereal (my addiction is back in full force) instead of supper and read a book for a while. What I really wanted to do was take a nap (I have been working hard on all sorts of projects lately) but I made myself not do that. I drove to south Omaha to visit one of my former clients who is in a nursing home and on hospice now. Her son is out of town on a trip and he had asked that I stop in a few times. I sat with her for a while and read a few Psalms out loud. Kathy used to be her caregiver too, we visited together yesterday. It helps to not be alone in this. I have experience with hospice and clients dying but it is still hard, of course.


On my way home I drove around my neighborhood for a bit. The lady I was with this morning used to live in a little brick house quite close to me, until she had her fifth child and they had to move to a bigger home. I was curious if I could find their old house.

Also happening this week: one of my funny and awesome clients turns 90! I love her a bunch. I know her birth date better than my own, she has Alzheimer’s and asks about things like that over and over, all the time. 🙂


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