in the studio


I’ve been working hard lately! Painting.. hot gluing.. using up sharpies left and right. Phrases keep coming to mind, like “underqualified” and “these people must not be in their right minds to leave this up to me!” One thing I like to remember is when I’m doing anything, I’m building upon what I’ve done before. It’s good to be stretched! 20150410_090929

I painted this sign for my friend to use as a wedding decoration. Personally I think it turned out to be quite adorable.


20150405_094916I put in approximately 13 episodes of The West Wing working on these signs for the Easter service at my church. It was a project combining a video where 22 people finished the sentence, “Because He lives…” After the video played, we sang a song and each person stood, holding their answer. It was really awesome to see the whole thing come together!

And of course, I’ve been doing lots of painting at Val’s house! Painting a room by yourself is unimaginable… doing it with friends is definitely the way to go!




2 thoughts on “in the studio

    • Aw thank you!! Yes, that was me. With Amanda masterminding the whole thing, of course! That was a great Sunday..reminded me again why I love Waypoint!

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