what I learned in March

Note: I might have learned some of these things in January or February. Those months are a blur to me so I can’t be sure. 


The family dog is alive. We thought he was dead: “The poor guy did the old cowdog move and wandered off to die.” Nope, he did the wander-off-just-to-wander-for-days thing. So, that was an emotional roller coaster.


Whale sounds are mesmerizing. I went through a strange phase where I was listening to nothing else.

It’s a fun time to be a Frances. Jimmy Fallon’s new daughter is named Frances. At the Golden Globes, Amy Poehler spoke these words: “Frances, can I just say, I love you. You’re the only person in this room I would save in a fire.” (She might have been talking to an actress in the crowd. But I took it personally.)


I won’t always be limited to re-reading Agatha Christie (although I will certainly do so) for good village mysteries. I found a new author and so far have been thrilled. Her books have a small cast of characters and are tricky and psychological and clever. The first one is called Still Life, and my eyes hurt after powering through the last of it in one sitting. I’m working on the third book and so far, so good.


There is a tiny reference to the cinnamon festival in a different episode of Psych that I never caught before. Although I have way too much of that show memorized, there are still dozens of sneaky little jokes and references that catch me off guard! And I love it.

I am a much harder worker than I ever thought before. See: February. I’m capable of great laziness, also. See: that dirty yet empty casserole dish I left covered with a tea towel in the fridge for days, rather than wash it.

I learned how to make pasta carbonara. Thank you, Rachel Ray.

Linking up with Emily and others: Chatting at the Sky.


4 thoughts on “what I learned in March

  1. Enjoyed your list of March learnings, and thank you for the new mystery author recommendation of Louise Penny. Just added her to my list of must-reads. (Found you over at chatting at the sky…my first time to link up with her monthly “what I learned”.) Already looking dorward to the next month… Blessings on your blog!

    • Hi! oh I’m glad you came by! I’ve only recently started doing the “what I learned” posts but I think they are so fun, and easy and simple! It’s fun to read what other people have learned and usually there is something I definitely relate to! See you next month! 🙂

  2. Oh, so glad your dog showed up! I haven’t read many mysteries before. I’ll have to check out that author. Old names are the latest greatest. My first name is Charlotte and that is popular again, too.

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