take lots of pictures

Take pictures of yourselves being embarrassing and strange in Target. 34177_439700320989_7434412_n 1910108_4943010975_6597_n
Take pictures on hikes. Again, try not to be normal. 1910108_4943645975_5859_n Take pictures with your high school friends. 1936674_118916890989_6037073_n
Take silly pictures at the mall. DSCN1765
Take pictures with your siblings. Be as real as possible. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA S6300833
Take pictures in a field just because you feel like it. 100_0643
Take pictures by the campfire with a blinding flash. It can take some work, but try for that optimum “nostril” angle.100_3045
Take pictures in a blanket fort. 1678_45839920975_8624_nTake pictures for no apparent reason other than “hats.” 2012-07-14_16-42-40_229
Hand the camera to your brother and see what happens. 2012-07-21_16-16-37_568
Take pictures in the Youth Challenge van on a trip to Cabelas. 2012-11-09_20-35-09_409
Take pictures even when you don’t understand how to smile properly.

Take lots of pictures, because you will treasure that Christmas forever. Take lots of pictures, because the Target one will never fail to make you smile. Take lots of pictures, because you are awesome and it needs to be memorialized. Take lots of pictures, because they’ll help you see the blessings that overflow in your life. Take lots of pictures, just because.

(Remembering Katie, who took way too many pictures. She is missed.) 2014-05-17_15-01-16_8532011-11-24_14-49-06_708


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