2014, my year in books


I read a lot of books this year and I wanted to write about a few of them specifically! Certain books turned out to be awesome for reading on the plane- others, for reading on my couch on a nice summer day. I know I’m always looking for new book recommendations so maybe my list will give you some ideas.

All Creatures Great & Small – One of many audio books from the library I listened to while driving back and forth across Nebraska. I’ve read it before but this time, the hilarity of the situations between James & the brothers just got to me, I laughed a lot. Also, this book was the source of yet another complex library-related drama for me. Bottom line I now own this audio book. All of the CD’s are from amazon, except for one that used to belong to the library, I’ll leave you to puzzle over why. I did not buy it from the library, I do consider that a small victory.

Kon-Tiki – Goodness, what a book. I’ll never forget the part with the whale shark. I was on that crazy raft, trying to keep the rust off my radio equipment, seeing these unbelievable sights and traveling at the pace of the waves. I gave this book to my adventuresome brother Joe for Christmas.


It’s a good idea to read books about cold places in the middle of summer, surrounded by sunshine and food that is not hoosh or raw penguin. The Heart of the Great Alone – Val gave me this one, because she knows me and she can’t pass up a good sale. “I’ll let you borrow it!” I said. “Um, I bought myself one too…” said Val. (We need more bookshelves.) It’s early photographs from epic Antarctic expeditions- printed large. Very awesome!

Is It Just Me? – My word. I laughed multiple times every chapter. You just can’t help it. I love Chummy (the author’s character in Call the Midwife) dearly and I could hear her, with her stammering, sporting English accent, reading this book in my mind. Almost like an audiobook, that can’t be stolen/lost/fined! “Life, eh?” 

Bowhunter magazine. Obviously. Especially the older editions where Dwight Schuh was editor. (Reading material choices are a little limited at camp.) 


Two new favorite novels that are also kindof mysteries and were wonderful summer reads: 

Sleeping in Eden. Ok. The way this is set up, there are 2 separate stories being told. As the book goes on, it started to drive me crazy in a good way: “HOW ARE THEY CONNECTED???!! Aaah!” The ending was not at all disappointing. It was just plain and simple, a great book.

The Secret Keeper. Dense and winding, over generations and years, yet totally readable. With a lovely twist at the end. Such a fantastic story.


The Dead in their Vaulted Arches – Ah hah ha! I waited for this book! Jill and I, reading buddies (and nerds), were #1 and #2 on the library hold list. Alas, Flavia is growing up. This book was more serious than the others and that was hard for me, because I want her to stay just how she is forever, saying things like: “One of the marks of a truly great mind, I had discovered, is the ability to feign stupidity on demand.” 


When We Were Orphans – This book hurt my brain. But I couldn’t put it down. The way this author messes with your mind is fascinating, sometimes annoying, with an atmosphere all murky and Sherlock-Holmes-ish. But is it a mystery at all? What is even going on? I enjoyed being thoroughly confused. (Suggestions: DON’T read multiple books by this author back-to-back. But DO read Remains of the Day sometime in your life.)


Gaudy Night – Did I really re-read it again this year? Apparently so. But I could easily pick it up today and enjoy it all over again. It’s grand for summer and wonderful for any time.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – Because sometimes a Hank the Cowdog book is just a good idea.


The book I compiled as a baby gift for Psych-loving friends. I was so proud of this ridiculous brainchild of mine, from the moment it became an idea in my head to it’s completion.

Molly Saves the DayRead it before going to camp. I couldn’t help it. Part of me is still 11 years old and reading an old American Girls book just takes me back! This was one of my favorites.

Bread & Jam for Frances. Obviously. Just for “fun” I read the one and two star reviews of this book online and became very personally angry. What is wrong with people?

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “2014, my year in books

    • haha I gave it away as a gift but it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made! And I totally understand.. I feel like they need to make a Psych movie or SOMETHING because we miss all the characters so much!

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