and the “Best Sister in the World” award goes to…

… someone else.


December 2013: I made a finals week care package to send to my youngest brother. I got it all the way up to the point of being assembled, boxed, addressed, and in my desk at work, ready to be mailed. High-five! So far, so good. Then I was too busy to mail it. Then, I was hungry-stressed-busy-overwhelmed. I fit the profile of someone in need of a care package. “I don’t think he’d even like this candy,” “This care package isn’t that awesome anyway,” and “I need this more than he does,” went my reasoning. It was a slippery slope. I ate his care package in secrecy and never mailed him a thing.

December 2014: I vowed to be better. In the midst of preparing for my Jamaica trip and a general whirlwind of busyness, I managed to assemble a small-ish care package. I immediately sealed it up so there would be no going back. And- I mailed it! I laughed and congratulated myself happily. Later, I asked Jacob if he got it. He gave me an unimpressed look and said, “Yeah…. thanks for.. the.. pretzels.”

Ok so it wasn’t that great. He did receive it, so I still count it as a minor victory!


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