Abandoned Farm Adventures, Part V

Oh no, I wasn’t quite done with the farm exploration pictures! Maybe the reason I’m dragging it out is that I still miss this past summer a little bit. Or maybe it’s because I forgot to post this a few months ago. Who knows.
Beautiful & junky & old & fascinating.
We also saw an old school house. There was still writing on the chalkboard.
And then, drive into town. Cut through a service road that was really muddy. Race a deer that wouldn’t stop running after us. Get pizza from the gas station and eat it at the park pavillion. Cruise a bit and talk about where people used to live. Play a small, harmless practical joke at someone’s house you know then drive away fast. Go to the car wash. Basically all the ingredients of a fantastic small town night. 


You know it was a good day if a ten-minute car wash is required afterward.

Part I
Part II
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