what I learned in November

Tearing up carpet tack strips is very therapeutic. And pulling out staples from hardwood floors with needle nosed pliers. Seriously, it feels amazing.


My brother has a Pinterest. The cowboy brother. He surprises me, always. He stands out a bit from the typical Pinterest crowd. Now my scrolling experience goes like this: crock pot recipe… cute animal picture.. DIY fashion thing… mason jar craft… then suddenly: “how to carve a pipe” “trigger snare modified for fishing” “custom wood burned vintage axes” “1830’s shooting bag and accoutrements” “DIY moccasin boot hybrids” etc. etc. It is awesome.


Audio books make me like driving. It’s cold. My clients are kinda far apart so I’m in my car more than I would like. My attitude was grouchy but getting some library audio books has helped!

My arms are the same length. I doubted this for a few minutes, then discovered, my shirt sleeves were two slightly different lengths.

Being an investigator is tedious. I’ve been listening to the Serial podcast and that is the main thing I’ve been impressed with. I would get so confused trying to piece together evidence and determine if a witness even has a clue what they are talking about.

Joining Emily at Chatting at the Sky and others to share what we learned last month.


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