My original hometown was having a special vote on whether or not to allow alcohol sales within the city limits when we visited in September.

I asked Mamaw if she had decided which way to vote. Which was totally a joke if you know her at all.


We walked down to the community house together. I’d lend her a hand once in a while but the rest of the time just focused on keeping up. She sets a good pace, my Mamaw.

There I was re-introduced to a third cousin of mine. (Of which there are many.) We nodded to folks. We talked to the pastor and one of the ladies from church who went to high school with my dad. She later worked at the school with him and remembers the day I was born when they announced it on the intercom.

When we actually made it inside to vote, Mamaw realized that she had walked out her door without her driver’s license. It never even crossed her mind. (Everyone at the polling place knew her- shouldn’t she just be allowed to vote? Bless.) So I called Joe and he drove down. Mamaw got a kick seeing him walk up to the community house, confidently carrying her purse. 🙂

Back in Omaha a month and a half later, I wanted to be cool like Mamaw and walk to my polling place. But I was “running late” due to being slow and lazy and it was “too cold” so I “had” to drive. I’ll never be as tough or punctual as my Mamaw. Sigh. I did remember my driver’s license though!


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