around Mamaw’s house

20140916_083811 20140916_083840
This is Mamaw’s house. Not very much has changed here during my lifetime. The oak trees have probably become even more huge. Uncle Danny built a little bridge over where the water runs off to connect the driveway and the carport so she wouldn’t trip. One of my relatives bought her a Keurig. We dusted off the box of coffee cups that we bought during our visit, last year.

I have a theory that 40% of things like Keurigs, digital photo frames and old-people cell phones were given as gifts and now sit unplugged and unused. Elderly folks don’t like to waste electricity, they want to make coffee in the same carafe they’ve always used, and they forget to ever turn on their cell phones because they don’t really know how to use them and don’t want to waste the battery.
20140919_083319 20140919_083411 20140921_083055 20140919_08344120140919_085810


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