Let’s All Be Brave book study


I just finished up a Bloom book study of Let’s All Be Brave, by Annie F. Downs. Bloom is an online book study with incourage. This was the first time I actually did one, and now I’m wondering what is wrong with me, why haven’t I been doing them all along?? Basically you read through a book (a really good book that you would want to read anyway), watch videos where the Bloom ladies discuss the book with the author, and follow along in the comments by answering questions. On your own time in your own home, so doable.


If you are a dork like me, you can even pretend you are sitting on the couch with the ladies, contributing to the discussion. Ha!

I’m a big fan of Annie and her writings. In the past, I’ve given away her books to my campers. I highly recommend them (Perfectly Unique and Speak Love) for the middle-school girls in your life. So I was thrilled to get my hands on a book she wrote for people my age.

Let’s All Be Brave did not disappoint! For the first few chapters, it was in that category of “great book, I like it.” And then came the middle chapters, with titles like “Say Yes” and “Say No” and “Hold On” and “Let Go,” ahhh, and it became an “influential in my LIFE, must re-read often” sort of book. I’m still processing it, honestly. For now, I doodled a few of my favorite quotes.

I’m grateful for the book study for keeping me on a good pace and getting me to actually finish the book, not leave it at 85% done for weeks on end. Thank you, Annie & the incourage ladies! This was much-needed and really fun!




3 thoughts on “Let’s All Be Brave book study

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  2. I finally just got this book from the library, and I am devouring it!!! Just read the “Say Yes” chapter, and excited to go on! 🙂 So funny and challenging and encouraging.

    • Yay!! This makes me so happy.. I love it when people read books I tell them to read. 🙂 haha! And even more so when they love it too! It’s an awesome book isn’t it?? Let me know your further thoughts!

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