fishing with Dad & Joe

20140916_093445As usual, when we were visiting family in Mississippi in September, we did a lot of fishing at my Great-Uncle Bill’s farm.
20140917_191941 - CopyWe made sure to send many photos to Jacob so he could writhe with jealousy. It is our job as his older siblings. 🙂 This is a J-style photo- crazed expression, with the small fish held closer to the camera so it seems bigger: 20140916_114451
To be honest though we were not doing so great in the fishing department, compared to Dad. He totally won. It was awful. One night we were walking across the pasture to another pond, and we thought, hey we’ll be nice and wait for him… this is us waiting: 20140917_185621 - Copy

and next thing you know he comes walking up, doesn’t acknowledge our existence, and speeds right past his own flesh and blood, headed for his next catch. 🙂   20140918_073224
Joe was being really funny about this calf. The little guy was just so curious about what on earth I was doing. As he got closer Joe kept warning me nervously, like the baby calf was going to attack me. 20140916_11085520140917_185027


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