what I learned in October


There really are cars that have Bob Ross style paintings on them. I only learned this because of a funny thing a friend said involving Bob Ross paintings and a car, that I wrote in The Quote Book, then googled for some strange reason, following my instincts? (My instincts are eerily good.) There’s such a thing that is car racing with old junky cars that you spend $500 on. And there are rules and goofy, weird penalties. Including having to put on wigs and paint a serene landscape on your car.

The book you don’t expect to impact you can do just that. I just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I thought it would be a fast, light read. Yes, I sped through it, but there were some uncanny points that keep me pondering life and changing my mind and wow. I don’t even 100% recommend this book, there were things I didn’t love about it, but it was surprisingly impactful just the same.

There is such a thing as a stomp box, and the pursuit of making a good one entertains engineer types for hours.

Teachers work so hard and are constantly exhausted. I knew this, but I keep learning it, watching my friends be teachers.

I like flowers and toast. October was a parade of both. There was always flowers and there was always toast.

We all begin somewhere. I avidly followed along as Elise told her small business story, and I read The Nester’s book (another one I thought would be a light, fun read- it was- but it also had me thinking of every thing and all of life. This one I do 100% recommend). Their stories gave me encouragement to enjoy the process and be creative here and now.

Joining Emily at Chatting at the Sky and others to share what we learned last month.


8 thoughts on “what I learned in October

  1. Isn’t it crazy when books catch you off guard like that? I’m glad Fangirl had an impact on you. Even though Landline didn’t go so well for me, I’m thinking I need to give Rowell’s other books a chance.

    Such a good reminder that we all have to start somewhere. It gives you hope to keep working on your creative projects on the days you feel like it might not be worth it!

    • Exactly! I think it’s amazing, how words have that power.

      Thank you for coming by! This “what I learned” thing is definitely fun!


  2. I totally believe in following out instincts! There is much truth, wisdom, and guidance to be found there. Even regarding painted cars, apparently. 🙂

  3. Unexpected impact from a book is one of my favorites. That’s why I hesitate to quit a book once I’ve begun it. You just never know. I didn’t know what a stomp box was, so I learned something here, too.

    • Right! You just never know! I’m that way too.

      Well maybe the stomp box information will come in handy sometime, you never know! haha! 🙂


  4. As a teacher, I thank you sincerely for this: “Teachers work so hard and are constantly exhausted. I knew this, but I keep learning it, watching my friends be teachers.”

    I’m not teaching full-time at this stage of my life because of the exhausting nature of the work. I am grateful for every teacher that does, and their passion for giving kids all the skills they need to become successful, life-long learners. The creativity, tenacity, and faith required in this profession defy the pay scale and public imagination.

    • Wow, thank you for your insights and service as a teacher! That is amazing. It is true what you say about needing faith, because it has to be like facing the impossible, every day. I’m so impressed by my friends who are teachers, I just wish they could work say 20 hours less per week so I could see them now and then. 🙂

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