caregiving compliments


Today I want to remember a few compliments I’ve received as a caregiver. Some over the top, some lovely as can be, some hilarious. (Keep in mind, to balance these out, how I’m not such a special person!) 

I’m glad you’re here, you make me feel good. -D

Frances is the technological genius. -Miss Trish (Overstatement!)

I like your little bonnet. -D (Ha. I was wearing a hat.)

I brought you something hot and delicious! -Frances, meaning the coffee.
Yeah– YOU! -R (hahaha oh my)

I wouldn’t pick anyone for you unless he was a fun dog. -D, talking about doing a little matchmaking.

Cute little maid. -D, referring to Frances.

“Mom I have to go, but Frances will be here this afternoon.” -K
“Oh well she’ll work miracles.” -M

“You’re a good one to have around.” -M

“It’s important, you being here around the house… remember you are doing missionary work.” -Miss Trish

I’m including this one for you Dad! Clearly I have you to thank for winning over one of my most cranky ladies:

“It would be fair to describe my mother as a difficult client. Frances is someone my mother absolutely adores. I will never forget the day when I was saying, ‘something something Frances’ and Mom raised one eyebrow and said, ‘You know her father’s a missionary?’ and I thought, ‘Wow, she likes Frances!’ I hope you know, Frances, that she doesn’t really like people.. but she just loves you.” -K

And if I was to pick a compliment that was both the most ridiculous and the most meaningful at the same time, it would definitely be this one:

“If I was to lend someone my toothbrush, you’d be at the top of my list– the ONLY one on my list, in fact.” -Miss Trish (Remember, she was a total germaphobe! So this was really something! For the record I never borrowed her toothbrush.. or wanted to… the offer was pretty sweet though!) 



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