crossing the bridge


From my caregiving journal:


Today was draining and tedious and exhausting.


How I feel right now is the way I want to feel when I cross the finish line at the end of my life- sore, tired, battered, full of sadness and sweetness, overflowing, knees & hands used up, eyes full, shoulders leaned on, knowing that I’ve poured myself out. Ran the race. Stood firm through God’s power. Gave & gave generously, my whole life.

Miss Trish was so confused, all day. Everything took so much, and we had so much to do. I could feel the struggle within her mind. The load of anxiety and stress.

And then, I re-entered the room.

She was crying. Choked out, between the first tears I had ever seen her cry, how I had helped her to cross the bridge of grieving for [her husband]. That I’m a wonderful person and she knows I have a bright future ahead of me.


The last years of life can be lonely and very hard. I’m honored to be a companionĀ for the bridge-crossings.



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