One of my goals for after college was not to get burnt out. I’d already experienced some of that and heard lots of stories from people who go into a human services field and before long, were just done. A main reason I kept going those first few years was encouragement. I got a lot of it, from many people in my life, and it made all the difference!20141003_111303
My first supervisor Jessi bombarded me me with cards. I don’t know how else to put it! Thanking me, pointing out specifics, letting me know I was important. Many of those cards had a way of arriving on hard, stressful days. I’m grateful for her gift of encouragement!
Another person who comes to mind specifically is my longtime roommate & co-worker Kathy. She always listened to me blurt out my frustrations,gave great feedback and ideas, and could be relied upon to suggest something to de-stress like watching TV, wearing sweats and eating ice cream! She gives good cards & puppy pictures, too.

Their words were a gift to me.



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