whimsical caregiving quotes

My Miss Trish had the cutest way of putting things, many times over the 3 years I was with her I had the hardest time hiding my laughter.

We were talking about how something had knocked over her trash can in the drive the night before. I said that a lot of times raccoons get into things and make a mess. But we must not have been on the same page (talking about animals) because Miss Trish said,

“I always think, where are their mothers?”

She was napping during a Husker game. This was toward the end of her life, when she was “out of it” and sleeping much of the time. So I didn’t know how much she was really taking in. [Back story: our quarterback at the time was Taylor Martinez.] Suddenly she mumbled, eyes closed,

“Can I have a Martinez? Oh wait… they don’t serve alcohol at the games.”

(Gasp! So shocking because she always seemed like such a teetotaller. Hahaha, bless her heart.)

One day I worked out in the yard for a few minutes, clipping some roses or something. Later when the next caregiver came, Miss Trish told her,

“Frances has been beefing up the yard.”

On our way home from the hair salon once a week, I’d stop somewhere and get us ice cream or frozen yogurt “just because” (aka I was always looking for ways to get this tiny lady to eat). Red Mango was her absolute favorite:

“Whoever thought of this made a real contribution to society.”

I was cleaning the house, dusting and things. Miss Trish must have been impressed by how high I could reach. Always generous with a compliment, she said,

“You have long arms and a helpful heart.”

A crew doing some work on the street outside her house made for good entertainment and conversation. (When you are home all day with an Alzheimer’s client you are desperate for new things to talk about!) I said something like “they must be strong to do that kind of work.” Greatly impressed, Miss Trish replied,

“They are powerful physical specimens beyond belief.”



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