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Big smiles all around at the start of Bible Quiz season in Jamaica!!  From students, teachers/coaches, principals, the team in Jamaica, and me in Nebraska wearing a necklace from the island to remind me to pray! Today I’m looking through pictures posted by my fellow Jamaica travelers and I’m so there in spirit. And kindof pretending to be there by putting myself in the picture. Later I will probably have to woefully drink my last Ting, stashed in the back of the fridge, while scanning all the trip updates again and again.

Because I’m a caregiver, I get to go to Jamaica once or twice a year. I am not thinking that too many people have ever said that sentence before. Because I’m a caregiver, I’m freed up to give some of my time so that students on a gorgeous little island can put God’s Word in their hearts and feel awesome while doing so. Because I’m a caregiver, I’ve collected a treasury of experiences that I will no doubt still be talking about when I myself am old & gray. Because I’m a caregiver, I get to be a tiny, small, little part of several priceless ministries.

What a random set up I have going.  (Or, what a perfect plan God has going, that’s what.)

I like it.

(Go here, here,  or here for more Jamaica posts.) 



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