Sometimes being a caregiver is just plain tiring. It’s easy for me to take on too much, then feel overloaded and behind!

A few years ago, stressed and worn thin, I read this post and copied some of it in my journal. I’m still learning how to work hard and really rest, so it was a good reminder to find this quote and a few other things I wrote during that time:

Show me where it says you are supposed to do it all. Point to the truth words that say you are expected to catch up. I want to see. This disease needs a cure, and only a Healer can give it. The only Healer I know invites the weary and the heavy to come for rest.
Emily Freeman


I’ve worked 41 long hours in the last 4 days.

I am tired.


Took my first walk in the park across the street this morning. It was cool & windy but really nice. I love when all the light is just soft white.

One thing God said was something to help me, and which might sound overwhelming but is actually calming for me:

“There will always be people to help.”

So I will never push through to a place where suddenly nobody needs me. They will always be there my whole life- people to serve & comfort, family to love & support, friends to pray for & spend time with. These things won’t stop being a part of Here.



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