Some days


As a caregiver, sometimes…

you smell clam juice at 9:00 a.m.

you find yourself dodging punches from the spunky old lady in the chair next to you during group exercises (all in good fun).

you are told you are “an angel” who cooks delicious food.

you cry because you’ve been working too much and you are tired and you happened to think of small town Christmas lights.

you give the bare minimum just to get by.

you feel like you are the best possible caregiver for that person.

you are crammed in a storage room during a storm, perched on the arm of your client’s chair, trying to keep her distracted from the chaos, and the elderly gentleman sitting close by keeps trying to play footsie with you.

you sit in the car in the McDonald’s parking lot eating hot fudge sundaes with a 92-year-old, laughing like kids.



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