31 Days of Caregiving: Day 1


As of this fall, I’ve been a professional, in-home caregiver for 5 years! To celebrate, and because I’m feeling nostalgic, I decided to use this year’s 31 Days series to write a bit about my experiences.

In the past I’ve done 31 posts on each of these topics: Bible memory, fall leaves, and apples. Sensing a theme here? No? Yes? I’m not sure either.

For October 2014 I’m thinking: short posts. A few pictures here and there. Memories, quotes and challenges. A “day in the life” post. Some “helpful tips” but mostly just personal stories, because that is what I find most interesting to hear from other caregivers. I will of course be sensitive to the privacy of my dear clients, especially the ones who are still living and I am currently serving.

This promises to be a special month! The ups, downs & daily rhythms of being a caregiver to seniors might be more thrilling than you think. Or boring. Or crazy-making. Or funny. We’ll see!

Go here for more info and to browse many wonderful 31 Days topics! Thank you to The Nester for hosting and for being amazing & inspirational! And thank you for coming by, may you have a fantastic October!


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