monday gifts


Thankful for… 

rest and slow and lots of fishing.

a great week with family and friends in Mississippi.


spending time with my wonderful Mamaw.


lots of fun adventures with my brother Joe!

sunsets & sunrises on old family stomping grounds.


so many epic table games. The best ones being when my cold-blooded Dad lost. 🙂 In all fairness he was on a winning streak most of the week. It was sickening.


how God worked it all out so we were there for several special family events.


Joe’s awesome birthday gift!


laughing so, so so so hard with/at father and brother on the road.

homemade ice cream. sweet tea. perfect weather. books. fishing. watching Jeopardy with Mamaw. goofing off with cousins. fishing. shade. grace. magnolias. conversation. fishing. safe travel. prayer. oak trees. porch swings. hymns. yard work. people who have known and loved me my entire life.

(I really do have a lot to be thankful for.) 


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