a few camp favorites

In an alliterative list form, because it just Worked out that Way.
Waiting for my campers to arrive. (Not the RV campers you see in the background, I mean the small children, who come to the camp, so we call them campers.) 
Walks & practicing my Bible memory verses.
Wranglers who are so encouraging & help my girls be brave and try new things!
Wacky quiz practices. One of the ladies helping in the kitchen kept watching us from afar, shaking her head sympathetically. But I realized that I love a good ole chaotic environment where we are silly but still get a lot done. The noise does not bother me and I’d rather the students be interacting and having fun than sitting there silent and bored. I mean, not to boast or anything but my team went absolutely undefeated so I must have been doing something right! Right? (Or my team was stacked with good quizzers. I’ve heard it both ways.)
Wishing I was as eager a learner as our youngest campers. The way they soaked up my dad’s Bible stories, listened and remembered and asked questions, was amazing.
Wearing red staff shirts along with a truly fine, funny, humble & caring group of people.
Whiling away the hours in the Tradin’ Post. It’s a tough job I’ll tell you that much.
Wondering why we didn’t start doing Bible drills with the young, squirmy, hyper ones years ago. It’s kinda an old-fashioned deal but man.. it holds their attention and they have a blast. We started this after noticing that probably 90% of the students coming to camp (this is including lots of church kids and even AWANA kids) struggle to find Genesis much less Psalms in their Bibles. It was cool to see their confidence build as they learned their way around the Bible.
Wildly cheering on my quiz team. I love the competition! So fun. All types of students enjoy quizzing, but my most favorite is when a kid who is maybe a bit of an outsider, not so athletic, not popular, very smart but with very little confidence– when they catch on and realize they can be awesome at it.
“Wow” Dad. The older campers this year played a ton of basketball, and my father was right in there with them! Pretty awesome. And loud. 🙂
Well, well, well. I have nothing to end with except this normal average sunset picture. But I enjoyed all the days I got to spend back at camp this summer, even the normal average ones!


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