pictures I didn’t take this summer

Driving through Brandon, Nebraska late at night- a town too small for a lowered speed limit. There was a dusty haze in the air and a car rounding the corner coming toward us. The way the headlights shone on the telephone wires made them look like spider webs.

An old windmill on a hill, with the big electric wind turbines behind it. It seemed too obvious of a picture plus I was following my brother so I had to keep up.

a snow globe type of moment, only instead of fake snow it was real miller moths and instead of a snow globe it was a barn loft. Kalyn and I were posting a schedule in the loft and the combination of the door slamming and the lights coming on (and Kay’s screams) caused total chaos! The air was full of them. Of course it all happened too fast for a picture.

(related: my miller moth poem, and my father’s miller moth poem, for real.)

My friends, standing around talking a little longer at the end of the night, with the car still running behind them so all I could see was their outline in the headlights. It was windy and it just looked cool.

the mostly empty shelves and creepy appearance of our grocery store. It would be easy to take some bleak pictures there, something like “gritty realism of a small town struggling to stay alive in modern times.” But it’s my hometown, one of them anyways, and I just wouldn’t want to do that. Plus it’s not that simple. It’s really sad to go grocery shopping there though. (news story on the bella’s market financial issues.)

This green, rusty hinge at one of the farms we explored. It is totally something I would take a picture of but everyone was leaving me behind so I had no time.

A beautiful snow leopard, aka ghost cat, off the beaten track in the Himalayas. I mysteriously just wanted to stay in the moment, rather than take one little photo that could earn me a paycheck and probably some awards. Oh wait………. this last one isn’t me, it’s from a movie.


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