One weekend recently I took several shadow pictures that make me smile. This first one is of us bocce ball champions at the picnic for our church’s coffee & book table teams. (Which I like to call the “coffee table picnic,” so far the name has not caught on but I’m sure it will.)
Funny bocce ball story: Valerie was being all competitive and difficult and kept throwing the ball we were aiming at into bushes and flowers. This time, she threw it directly over a 12 foot evergreen tree. I was like, “Well, I can totally do this!” but I don’t think I had decided whether to roll it under the tree or throw it over.. so instead… at a moment when everyone there happened to be watching.. I threw my ball really hard directly into the center of the tree. And we all collapsed about the place laughing.
Cousins leaving Josh’s soccer game. I can remember when his team was tiny and we cheered if they kicked the ball in the right direction. Now they are teenagers and competitive and stuff.


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