monday gifts


Thankful for… 

work & rest.

matching Bibles at memory group.. apparently Val and I both use old hair ties to hold ours together! Hey it works. Great minds think alike?


a really wonderful wedding day for Anna & Derek!


how well our group of friends works together. I am always impressed.

time spent with the moms, bridesmaids & a few close friends, praying for Anna right before she walked down the aisle. It was just powerful and amazing.. and emotional, it nearly undid all the work we put into makeup that morning.

Val being a genius in the kitchen! I’m proud of her! She made a wedding cake, hundreds of mini fruit pizzas, marshmallows, and brownie bites with mousse.


a walk with cousins, neighbor kids & a giant rose. Yes that’s what we did.

finding a note on my phone reading “steampunk hedgecogs for fairy gardens” just because I wanted to remember a random conversation between very exhausted friends.

Kathy washing the shameful amount of leftover pasta salad containers that I had been just ignoring in the fridge cause I had no time.





fancy shoes.



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