monday gifts


Thankful for… 

glory in the morning light.


a really great weekend with these two! My brother Joe and his wife Crystal. We went to the zoo, had lots of good family time, laughed and talked, watched their dog chase squirrels in my backyard, and accidentally matched for church, among other things. I love them!

when things I do don’t turn out perfectly.


my friends bringing their picnic to me at work so I could join! Pasta salads, cheese, pesto, cupcakes, dear friends, baby feets, these are wonderful things!

the stress of belonging to a family of accident-prone people. (Joe broke his wrist, he’s having surgery this morning, just to name the most recent injury.)


friends & conversations. When we can “be there” for each other.


saying goodbye.

finding a flash drive I had given up for lost long ago!

a home that is perfect for hosting many things.

laughing till my sides ache.

my incouragers group being full of inspiring women. Silly me, I was nervous no one would sign up! We are off to a great start!








One thought on “monday gifts

  1. Hi Frances,

    Nice to “see” you again here as I hop over from Ann’s link up. Smiling along with you at this peek into your gifts. Gifts of time with family and friends, picnics, a home for hosting, coffee and more…

    Jennifer Dougan

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