Throwback Thursday Stories: Hazen, Arkansas, Take II

Let’s revisit Hazen, Arkansas, shall we? (Who does that? We do.) We did, in fact. Unplanned, serendipitous, but it just happened to be where we stopped for gas yet again on our drive back from Mississippi last summer.

Update on the redneck bathroom lighting: sadly, gone. It’s up to code and everything now.

But because something notable has to happen in this place, I saw my dream car:


No, not the beige Buick belonging to father, although that is a fine car and all, or that green vehicle. You know which one I mean.

It just happened, that’s all I know. Hearing and re-hearing Miss Ruby’s (my friend, and the old lady who used to own our farm) tales of her beloved El Camino, like the time it stalled on the train tracks in Haxtun, it came about that an El Camino is a car I want. She had the best stories and I miss her.

Anyway, till next time, Hazen.

Linking up with Jessica at The Mom Creative for TBTStories.


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