Throwback Thursday Stories: Graduation

This weekend my twin cousins are graduating from high school. So I’m sharing a photo of us together that was taken at my senior violin recital/graduation! Maybe we’ll get a similar photo on Sunday, with the roles reversed this time!


A photo was taken shortly before this one that is adorable and makes me feel like a celebrity. It shows a line of little girls, including my cousins, waiting their turn to give me cards and hugs. Aww! I think we take for granted how we are an example to others, sometimes we might be unaware of how people are looking up to us. I try to remember and honor that with my cousins. I’ve been blessed to be a part of their lives, especially the past 8 years since we’ve lived in the same city.

Megan and Madeleine have grown up to be very smart, unique, creative & gifted young women! Kindness towards others is a major characteristic as well. I’m proud of them.

When they were younger we played dress-up, had water fights, and even re-enacted the “grecian urns” scene from The Music Man for family talent shows. Nowdays we love to watch 80’s movies, youtube videos, and goofy tv shows together. Playing cards, talking about books and music, eating dessert and laughing hysterically are also favorites! During hard times we give hugs and help each other get through. I still have many of the sweet notes, posters, poems and drawings they’ve made me over the years. 🙂

Congratulations M & M!

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