Spring 2014 (In)courager Groups


Sometimes it hits me fresh and I get a little choked up over how truly caring the women in the incourage community are. Not only the official writers/contributors but the hundreds & hundreds of crazy encouraging, sweet, godly, down to earth ladies who cheer each other on with unfailing friendliness. This is a community that reaches out!

Basically, an incourager group is a small, private group that meets on Facebook for a few weeks, centered around a common topic. There are groups for young moms, empty nesters, writers, professionals, singles, chronic illness, missions, special needs, hurting families, artists, the list goes on.

This session I am co-hosting a new arts & crafts group with my friend Jennifer, our group is called Create & Encourage. It’s my first time hosting, second time being in an incourager group! I highly recommend them!

Go here to see the list of available groups for the Spring session.
Incourager groups FAQ page (it takes a little figuring out at first).




2 thoughts on “Spring 2014 (In)courager Groups

  1. I’m so excited about these creative groups and hope to get in one in an upcoming session! You guys are gonna do great with your topic and with encouraging your group!

    • Thank YOU Holly for the encouragement! I am definitely feeling welcomed by my fellow leaders. 🙂 Yes, I am interested to see what direction the group takes as we go along!

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