in the studio

Sharing a what I’ve been up to creatively this week. I love this quote from the incourage calendar for today, from an amazing Nebraskan artist named Jennifer!
I took pictures of plants. I made a lot of lists, completed a fun application, practiced painted lettering, worked on a speech, spent way too long on annoying details, helped friends design wedding related things, and made pretty pictures for my incourager group.

It has been so fun & fulfilling to help friends and family with different projects recently. Most of the time I feel under-qualified, but going along with the quote at the top, God gave me gifts to be used, not just kept to myself. Better to just start, and learn as I go along. Two favorite quotes:

“I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m doing it anyway.”
-used a lot by EJBC
“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”
the Nester




4 thoughts on “in the studio

  1. love the peek at your creativity, frances! so happy to see you join ‘in the studio’ again. and i totally forgot yesterday was my day on that calendar! 🙂

    • Oh hi there!! I am glad to be back, too, trying to be a little more consistent with linking up!
      Yes, I really like turning the page on that calendar (almost) every morning and seeing who the quote is from!

    • Thanks, Jen! Yeah.. I could stand and stare at my flowers for a ridiculous amount of time! And I love taking pictures right after it rains when the light is really white.

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