bunting bridal shower invitations

We threw a bunting + birds themed bridal shower for Anna, and had a lot of fun!

This is the basic design I’ve been using for invitations. In case you want to make your own, here are the details:

  • Pre-cut scrapbook paper in greys, sized 5×7.
  • Used picmonkey to create the text design for the invite. Printed on copy paper, 4 to a page. Cut out. Used corner rounder on all corners.
  • Chose patterned paper, used die cuts at craft store to cut out birds & bunting. (My local craft store lets you use all their die cuts for free if you buy paper there.)
  • The envelopes are actually unused Dayspring greeting card ones, at our Christian bookstore you can buy big packs of them for $2.
  • Used just a little hot glue to assemble.

Fun fact: the color of the red paper was called “Grenadine” and when I pointed that out to Jill, serving Shirley Temples at the shower justĀ seemed like the right thing to do! Not that we take much convincing, we love Shirley Temples. Sometimes, parties plan themselves.


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