inRL 2014

A few thoughts & pictures from the 3rd annual inRL conference!

Erin & I

(photo by Jennifer // @homewiththeboys instagram)

I co-hosted a meetup with my friend Erin. I met her at the first inRL, actually, and God had more in mind than a chance acquaintance. Fast forward 2 years: now I babysit for her, we chat over coffee, and keep each other inspired. I’m so thankful for her friendship! It was fun hosting together!

(Her oldest son put together that inRL acrostic with magnetic letters by the way!)

Flowers and beautiful Dayspring giveaways!
A special group of women came together for the morning, old friends & new.


(photo by Erin //

The theme this year was “We need your story.” I could sense that so many of us are hungry to share, to be brave, to reach out with understanding and walk together. Community, encouragement, kindness without judging or comparing- we need it!

I’m so thankful for all the wonderful incourage ladies who shared their hearts on the conference videos. Wow, they inspire me so much.
This was a simple and very “real life” get-together, which is what Erin & I wanted! Her cute boys were at home since her husband was on call, and one of her friends brought along a newborn. Erin’s youngest kept walking around in everyone’s shoes, it was hilarious!


Favors I made for the ladies to keep as a reminder.
We had a breakfast bar of baked oatmeal, yogurt, toppings, and cupcakes that Alice brought. Yum!

Thankful, so thankful.

My post from last year’s inRL.
Wrap-up post from incourage.


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